Feel the Light – The Beauty and Technology of B-Cure Laser Treatment

B-Cure Laser is a first-of-its-kind medical device for treating pain and the source. Clinically proven to be effective, this lightweight and portable device is designed for all parts of your body for use in the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere. Not only does it relieve pain and treat the source, but it also facilitates recovery from injuries and surgeries. Safe and non-invasive, B-Cure saves time and money. This revolutionary technology can be taken anywhere and used anytime by anyone in your family.

The beauty of the device is that it empowers you to take personal control over chronic conditions, orthopedic disorders, inflammations, and wounds. The vision behind B-Cure is to provide therapeutic innovation that improves patient wellbeing and quality of daily life by combining effective treatment with the power of personal pain management.

The Technology

The B-Cure Laser device uses Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Low-Level Laser is also known as Cold Laser, Soft Laser, and Phototherapy Laser. It emits a low laser beam with no heat, causes no pain, and does not cut tissues. Penetrating the skin without causing any damage, this soft light causes biostimulation. It triggers natural photochemical reactions in our cells, improving their metabolism and increasing cell proliferation. Essentially, it boosts our natural healing system by producing positive effects without the need for invasive procedures or toxic medication. The device is applied directly to the site of the area of pain This causes local cells to produce a variety of chemicals which are carried by the blood and the lymphatic flow to all parts of the body, achieving wider, systemic healing results.

Design and Use

Thoughtfully designed for optimal personal comfort, lightweight and portable, the device easily fits in the palm of your hand and is elegantly curved to reach any place in the body where chronic pain is common. It is easy to operate with only a few buttons to start the device, set the time, and turn on the laser beam. It also comes with a guide with a diagram of the human body which helps you locate a wide range of treatment points. The device is lightly applied directly over the skin and held without moving from 1.5 to 8 minutes on each treatment point. Time is increased gradually over the course of the treatment. For convenient hands-free use, an adjustable stand allows the device to be stabilized on any surface and attached to furniture or the different parts of your body. This will free you to engage in other activities while receiving your recommended twice-daily treatment.

Advantages and Effects

Treatment with B-Cure Laser is non-invasive – there is no cutting or piercing involved and the procedure is completely painless. The innovative electro-optic mechanism of the device makes it completely safe for family use and requires no protective eye-goggles. The soft laser beam is the only thing applied to your skin, the treatment involves no drugs, creams, or chemicals and is completely non-toxic. As it treats the source of the condition, long-term medication is not necessary. The non-invasive and non-toxic nature of B-Cure Laser results in treatment that has no known side effects. And last but not least, being lightweight, portable, and suitable for use by an entire family, the device makes pain treatment much more accessible and much less expensive. Compared to cumbersome hospital machinery and costly surgeries, soft laser therapy saves a lot of time, money, and anxiety.


Numerous clinical studies have found LLLT to be effective in reducing chronic pain, orthopedic conditions, inflammation, sports injuries, and wounds. It has been approved by the Health and Science Authority of Singapore and is being sold in more than twenty countries around the world, from Singapore to England, Finland, France and Canada. In 2014, our B-Cure Laser device won first place in the innovation category of the MEDICA exhibition. The efficacy of the device has been proven by over 5 double-blind clinical trials. Over 240, 000 patients around the world are successfully using B-Cure Laser to take control over their pain and are happy to leave testimonials on our website. Feel the light of B-Cure Laser – and reclaim the quality of life you deserve!

Over 240,00 patients around the world are relieving their pains with B-Cure Laser.

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