erosion of the knee cartilage

Do you suffer from erosion of the knee cartilage? It’s time you get to know the treatment that will get you back on your feet

Knee pain has always been one of the most common types of pain. The phenomenon of cartilage erosion has become a real epidemic in recent years. It has been reported that over 60 percent of those aged 50 and above suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee. Before you resort to surgery or become dependent on painkillers, we recommend you get to know the device that is revolutionizing the world of pain management


If you are over 45 years old, you are probably starting to rediscover your body joints, including your knees. Cartilage erosion in the knee is the common name given to arthritis (osteoarthritis) which has been affecting more and more patients’ knees in recent years.

Pain is manifested from the erosion of the knee cartilage. Those who are suffering from it can find it difficult to perform daily activities such as walking, standing, climbing up and down stairs, and even standing up.

Besides knee pain, it causes many patients a feeling of instability, which results in many of them, especially the older ones, stumbling, and falling.

Why is it happening?

About 8 years ago, the Berlin Zoo wanted to test which of the animals in the zoo carries the most load on their joints. For this purpose, all the animals in the zoo were scanned with an MRI machine. After the scan, the workers examined the ratio between the animal weight and the cartilage area in the joints that carry the weight.

The Berlin Zoo did not check just the animals in the zoo, they wanted to check the zoo staff as well. The test found that the greatest load on the joints was actually in humans, zoo workers, especially in the knee joints.

This was especially true compared to elephants whose body weight is large but the joints are strong and large as well.

In order to understand how cartilage erosion occurs, it is important to understand the process. In the joints in our body, there is a balance between the destruction of existing cartilage cells and the formation processes of new cells.

But over the years, due to injury, strain, age, and degenerative diseases, the balance between the construction and destruction processes is impaired that causing the erosion of knee cartilage.

Surgery is not always the solution

If you suffer from erosion of the cartilage in the knee, you have probably visited many clinics of specialists who prescribed you painkillers, gave you injections into the joint, sent you to physical therapy, however, the pain went nowhere. Many give up all the treatments that are offered and turn to the surgical solution.

When it comes to surgeries, due to orthopedic problems, the complications can be critical and even lead to nerve damage and movement of the operated area. Therefore, surgery is the latest solution to pain, especially when it is now possible to treat pain at home in a comfortable, simple way and without side effects.

 Home treatment for knee pain

Gabriel, 73 years old, lived with knee pain for many years. Gabriel had difficulty reaching his home all because of the 9 steps at the entrance. “Every day I climb the nine steps of the entrance to the house. I had a problem with that, I had to hold the wall to go upstairs”. In search of a treatment that would help him with the pain, Gabriel came across an ad for the B-cure laser, a home-use medical device, that specializes in treating orthopedic pains. “I bought the device and got rid of the problem” feedback to us by Gabriel.

The B-Cure laser device is an innovative and first-of-its-kind medical device, offering treatment with soft laser technology that solves the root of the pain. The many benefits of the B-Cure laser include the fact that the treatment is at home and without any side effects.

Now I can say that I can get back to life

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Treatment for everyone

On one of his trips abroad, Gabriel met an old acquaintance who told him about his knee pain. He told Gabriel that he decided to have surgery as a last resort. Gabriel how now takes the B-cure laser with him to all his trips told his friend to try it. His friend was skeptical but tried using the device according to Gabriel’s instructions and to his surprise, after some time the pain disappeared.

When Gabriel’s friend returned to his doctor, there was no need for surgery and the friend returned to walk without pain in the knee.

Gabriel’s friend is not the only one who discovered the device’s wonders Among the international community. Today the device is sold in a large number of countries across Europe such as England, Italy, Romania, France Finland, and also in Canada. In the MEDICA exhibition in 2014, the device won first place in the innovation category.

Over 240,00 patients around the world are relieving their pains with B-Cure Laser.


Want to hear more about how the B-cure laser works and can relieve pain?

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