Is the treatment with B-Cure Laser safe for use?

Treatment with B-Cure Laser is safe for daily use, with no side-effects. It is suitable for all ages, from children up to the elderly, in fact, for the whole family. The treatment is non-invasive, and does not involve pain.

There are no contra-indications with medication, or situations such as high blood pressure, heart problems, pacemakers, setting vertebrae by means of plates, or implants of joints (knee replacements). In the case of severe inflammation, there might be a stronger feeling of the joint, as part of the treatment of that inflammation. This will fade gradually, from the moment the inflammation passes, within a few days of treatment. In the case of inflammation, we recommend that treatment begin gradually (See User Guide or specifics).

On the first day, a minute and a half on each location, and then add one minute each day, until you reach the desired protocol of six minutes, twice daily.